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Cherish unforgettable live music moments with exclusive prints not found anywhere else

Supporting Artists

Every purchase directly supports the photographers, fueling their passion for capturing the magic of live music

Worldwide Collective

LiveMusicPrints is a global platform where concert photographers from around the world can share and monetize their art.

Passion for Music

Born from a deep love for live music, we aim to help fans bring the concert experience into their homes.

Celebrating Music Through Photography

Our journey began with a camera in hand and a passion for live music. After capturing countless concerts, fans requested prints of my work and the idea for LiveMusicPrints was born.

LiveMusicPrints is not just a store, but a celebration of the power of live performances. Each print serves as a tribute, bringing the concert experience into your home.

However, LiveMusicPrints is more than one person’s own work. It’s a platform for photographers worldwide, helping them share their art and create income from their passion.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Every print you purchase supports the artists who freeze these magical moments in time. Explore our collection, find a piece that speaks to you, and let’s celebrate live music together.

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